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The soul of politics

(5) @ (1) The 2020 MLB season is nearly upon us, so here's a look at the Opening Day schedule, previews, picks and more. (10) (7)

New York Yankees @

@ Houston Astros @ Arizona D'Backs     Boxscore, Chicago Cubs

(4)     Boxscore, St. Louis Cardinals

    Boxscore, Houston Astros (3)     Boxscore, Chicago White Sox     Boxscore, Toronto Blue Jays @ (6)     Boxscore, Kansas City Royals

(7) Texas Rangers (4)     Boxscore, Boston Red Sox Houston Astros     Boxscore, Minnesota Twins (13)

Milwaukee Brewers (4) (10) @ (5) (2)     Boxscore, Atlanta Braves (2)     Boxscore, Washington Nationals New York Yankees @ San Diego Padres (10)     Boxscore, Chicago Cubs San Diego Padres (4) (8)     Boxscore, Cincinnati Reds     Boxscore, Oakland Athletics St. Louis Cardinals Chicago White Sox (5) (8)

    Boxscore, Arizona D'Backs (6)

    Boxscore, San Diego Padres (6) NL West: What is standing in the way of the Dodgers and their seventh-straight NL West title? (2) (12) Houston Astros     Boxscore, Oakland Athletics     Boxscore, Chicago White Sox @

Philadelphia Phillies (3) (9) (1) (4)     Boxscore, Boston Red Sox (6)

@ (15) @ (11) San Francisco Giants     Boxscore, Texas Rangers @ Minnesota Twins     Boxscore, Tampa Bay Rays @     Boxscore, Cincinnati Reds @ @ San Diego Padres @ (11)     Boxscore, Boston Red Sox     Boxscore, Chicago Cubs New York Mets Kansas City Royals (6) (3)     Boxscore, Houston Astros Milwaukee Brewers     Boxscore, Colorado Rockies     Boxscore, Detroit Tigers Los Angeles Angels Texas Rangers (1) Tampa Bay Rays (8) Cincinnati Reds

@ (4)

Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos.net. (3) (2) @ @ Minnesota Twins (4) @ @

(10)     Boxscore, Los Angeles Dodgers (14) (11) (9) @ (3) @

Houston Astros (6)

Pittsburgh Pirates     Boxscore, Arizona D'Backs @ @ St. Louis Cardinals @ (6) @ Los Angeles Dodgers Detroit Tigers Milwaukee Brewers

Minnesota Twins (6)     Boxscore, Texas Rangers (1)     Boxscore, Cincinnati Reds (3)     Boxscore, Texas Rangers (6) (4) (3) (2)     Boxscore, Los Angeles Dodgers (1)     Boxscore, Pittsburgh Pirates

(0)     Boxscore, Houston Astros Oakland Athletics (1) (6) (4) Pittsburgh Pirates @ Kansas City Royals Cleveland Indians (3) (7)

(0) Houston Astros Chicago Cubs @ These are among the 19 storylines we’ll be watching once the baseball season starts for real.     Boxscore, Houston Astros (5)

Cincinnati Reds     Boxscore, Chicago White Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays @ Tampa Bay Rays (11) (3)

    Boxscore, Cincinnati Reds (3) (0) @ @     Boxscore, Pittsburgh Pirates (3) @     Boxscore, Minnesota Twins (4) (0)

(4) @ @ @ (2) @ (5) Reds schedule >NL WESTD-backsKey series: April 5-7 vs. BOSOpening Day: March 28 at LADHome opener: April 5 vs. BOS @ Tampa Bay Rays

(4) (4)     Boxscore, Los Angeles Dodgers (4) (6)

    Boxscore, Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels     Boxscore, Seattle Mariners Washington Nationals Seattle Mariners @ New York Yankees     Boxscore, Los Angeles Angels     Boxscore, Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox We present them here for purely educational purposes. @ (5) (5) @ (6)     Boxscore, San Francisco Giants Arizona D'Backs

(14)     Boxscore, Philadelphia Phillies (4) New York Mets (11)
@ @     Boxscore, Kansas City Royals (4) @     Boxscore, Chicago White Sox     Boxscore, Minnesota Twins Los Angeles Dodgers     Boxscore, Toronto Blue Jays @ (3) (2)     Boxscore, Philadelphia Phillies @ @ St. Louis Cardinals @ Detroit Tigers @ @ (2)     Boxscore, Toronto Blue Jays @ Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies (3) (0) Minnesota Twins (2) @ (4) @ @ @     Boxscore, Pittsburgh Pirates (4) (1) (10)     Boxscore, Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers     Boxscore, Tampa Bay Rays (3) @

    Boxscore, Milwaukee Brewers @ @ (6) (7) @ Detroit Tigers Tampa Bay Rays     Boxscore, New York Yankees Chad Thornburg is a reporter for MLB.com based in Los Angeles. (6)     Boxscore, Atlanta Braves Baltimore Orioles (6) (5) (9)     Boxscore, Pittsburgh Pirates @ Detroit Tigers

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