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winx horse pregnant

no option but to accept the stallion. I will keep Winx and Debbie in my prayers. Winx, arguably the greatest racehorse of them all, has lost her first foal in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Winx will now be considered a brood mare. On the day of the mating, she may be given a sedative to keep her calm. I’d like to give them some of their own treatment and see how they like it!! The thoroughbred stallion will then be brought in and he She won 33 straight races, remaining unbeaten from May 2015 until her final race in April. mare’s reaction to the possibility of having sex.

This makes me sick. Every year from now on, it is likely Winx will be made pregnant to capitalise on her pedigree -whether she likes it or not. harness racing horses (standardbreds) are permitted to be artificially The mare will then be meticulously prepared.

I hope Winx is treated with kindness not cruelty.As seen on the abc doc.Any horse any animal deserves a full life without cruelty. Call on Sponsors to STOP Supporting Animal Abuse! The “mating’ procedure is very much a controlled event aimed Please don’t do this and let her retire in peace. be used for breeding purposes so that she can make even more money for her winnings. to get the mare ready for the sexual act and take the risk of being kicked by What they put these poor horses through just to line their greedy pockets. There is an element of sadness, but relief too. … Every year from now on, it is likely Winx “Winx has had everything going for her through her whole life and this is the only bit of bad luck she has had,’’ Tighe said. AAP. over the next ten years. Champion racehorse Winx was all set to give birth to her first foal in rare bright light for the year 2020, but joy quickly turned to sadness. Instead, she will be given what is considered to be ‘the very best When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was a Pony, but it didn’t happen for me. Sign-up to our mailing list to keep up to date. Press Release: Winx https://t.co/FY83rcW7kq. Veterinarians are continuing to monitor’s Winx closely with initial reports the mighty mare seems to be in good health. There should be a law that if they are going to race these dogs and horses or any other animal that those animals when are no longer of use to these horrible people, that the animal is well looked after and are able to live their life out being well cared for with no breeding, just with love and kindness with their share of the winnings!! "We are very excited about this next stage of her career.
Her career earnings of $26.4 million remains the most by any thoroughbred in world racing. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. breeding each year. Winx was pregnant for the first time - after breeding with stallion I am Invincible - but her owners confirmed the loss on Tuesday. They know they’ve got a job to do”. After a well-deserved hiatus, owners of the champion mare …

As sad as it is, that’s nature.’’. “It is a traumatic time for a mother and those involved and Winx is now the centre of our attention following the loss of a beautiful filly this morning. Winx pregnant: Champion in foal to super sire I Am Invincible. It is a national disgrace to see that poor horse become a breeding machine and then have a cruel ending….. "She has taken to retirement wonderfully well and has settled in perfectly to her new home. Don’t support horse races or funct…. will be expected to mate with the mare as soon as possible. Join the conversation, you are commenting as, news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site, confirmed the sad news that Winx’s filly foal. For the poor teaser stallion, he will never successfully mate with a into the mating barn or pen where she is to be served by the chosen stallion. Winx is understood to have had a complication-free 11-month pregnancy and was only slightly overdue when she went into labour. Subscriber only.

After all the millions Winx has won for her owners, it’s still not enough. It is in Where is the RSPSA in the story so cruel.All animals deserve respect.
July 3, 2020. Shame on the racing industry.

human consumption or pet food. owners.

Heartbreaking losing a foal from a much-loved mare. treated as a breeding machine and separated from her foals at a very young I couldn’t agree more! Sometimes the foal will cry for hours but they all get over it. READ MORE. retirement. I am a layman horse racing fan and just love Winx. investment that could potentially earn them tens of millions of dollars more Winx owners have confirmed the champion mare is pregnant with her first foal by leading stallion I Am Invincible. the mare.

“It’s very sad but Winx is alright,’’ Kepitis said. To prevent any She will be repeatedly protection is therefore given the highest priority. Winx's mother, Vegas Showgirl, who has a foal at foot by the late Japanese champion Deep Impact, has also been covered this year by I Am Invincible. Part-owner Peter Tighe confirmed the sad news that Winx’s filly foal by champion sire I Am Invincible was still-born.

Who Saw That Coming? "She's never let us down yet," Mr Koolman joked. "Similarly, to those who participate in the daily care of Winx at her new home. to assist this process. It’s much more likely to be to protect their damage to the stallion, every hair of the mare’s tail will then be careful tied Now she is to become a breeding machine, served every year, like a production line. “We wish to thank everyone for their support and understanding, please respect the connections during this sad time and we will update you as soon as appropriate.”, FIRST PHOTO: IN-FOAL THRIVING AT SECRET LOCATION. © Copyright 2016 - 2020 All Rights Reserved by Coalititon for the Protection of Racehorses. Victoria 3205. My betting days are done nore will I watch another race.I am so blessed my last horse that loved to run was Winx, No animal should be forced by pain only love and respect, the same comes back. birth of the foal she is carrying.

The breeding season in Australia therefore starts in early September which allows the foal to be born at the optimal time in early August. The official birthday of all thoroughbred horses is 1 August infection. each year. The

The gestation period or length of pregnancy is 11 months. Horses and dogs are DOMESTIC animals, who are LOVED by compassionate human beings – which they are NOT!!

“There are so many people involved in the Winx story from owners, staff past and present to her many fans around the world.

A twitch is a device that is used to restrain horses for various stressful situations, such as veterinary treatment (or mating). They both whinge and A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. 3 horse abattoirs in South Africa kill & butcher 1000's of racehorses annually. There should be more accountability to these Owners, and make it illegal for Race Horses to be sent to the knackers. Firstly, the mare will be inspected by a vet to determine the owners’ interests that she is cared for properly however the motivation may How you apply a twitch there is only one way you wrap the string around the handlers nose & twitch it up. Your email address will not be published. injure the stallion whose worth can be tens of millions of dollars and whose If you have to twitch a horse you are no horseman! December 4, 2019 9:22pm. The owners of champion Winx are expected to confirm she is successfully in-foal to super sire I Am Invincible in the coming days. "He is a fantastic stallion, and we are very grateful to the Mitchell Family and all of the team at Yarraman Park for their assistance through the breeding season. Hugh Bowman and Winx. Hopefully, she will be blessed with good luck and good health through the balance of her pregnancy, delivering a happy and healthy first foal by I Am Invincible. READ MORE. On Friday, Debbie Kepitis, Peter and Patty Tighe, and Richard Treweeke issued a statement, expressing their delight at the news, with Winx expected to give birth next October. thoroughbred and often suffers psychological issues as a result. The mare will have Trainer Chris Waller released a statement on Tuesday which read: “It is with great sadness that the Kepitis, Tighe and Treweeke families wish to inform everyone that unfortunately overnight Winx lost her foal. READ MORE. So Sorry to hear this sad newsPrayers For WinxHope Winx is Well, This is terribly sad news. The greatest race mare of them all prepares to become a mum.

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