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Even though the main players, Whitlam, Fraser and Kerr are all dead, the combination of archival footage, contemporary interviews with those who are still alive and Mann’s pleasant voice make it easy listening. A pioneering feminist trying to change things from the inside, Elizabeth Reid was subjected to the very behaviour she was fighting against — including an unwanted sexual advance from the governor-general. You interview these women and they talk about how they balanced their professional lives between a need to get the work done but also stand up for themselves and their gender.

Has he lived up to his promise? But do you properly understand the extraordinary events leading up to the most dramatic day in Australian political history? The Government raids ASIO because they suspect the spy agency has dropped the ball on tracking terrorism. In this final episode, we uncover the key names and players history almost left behind, and those still fighting to reveal them. However one set of papers of vitally important papers, letters to the Queen, remain locked up. Listening to the podcast was eye-opening. The letter of termination, dated 20 February, stated that her probation period was set to end on 23 February. Gough Whitlam and his political rival Malcolm Fraser enter a high stakes stalemate, each … Four years ago, Donald Trump promised to make America Strong, Wealthy, Safe, Proud and Great Again. There is plenty of intrigue and mystery. This podcast, presented by Alex Mann, is an entertaining, in-depth and balanced analysis of the events leading up to the Dismissal. a great deal more was happening behind the draped curtains of Yarralumla than met the Australian eye. I was born two decades later, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a significant event in my childhood. I was 14, but I still remember it vividly. The powerful media, once in his corner, start to lose faith, and the twin scandals — the Morosi affair and the Loans affair — are frontpage news. On 11 November 1975, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was dismissed from his role by the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr.

We are introduced to players such as shady CIA chief James Jesus Angleton, American defence employee Christopher Boyce, and an overzealous Prince Charles. I knew about the event and the story in outline form, I did not realise just how deep things went. Stay up to date with topical insights, news and more.

Elizabeth Reid, Gough Whitlan's special adviser on women's issues in 1973. Unlike these days when things are all wrapped up by about 10 PM, results took all night. This week I have gobbled up the ABC podcast The Eleventh. Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas give you the political analysis that matters and explain what it means for you. Today, as we grapple with a very different crisis, a pandemic that has temporarily brought the state into our lives in ways well known to people living under authoritarian regimes, it’s clear how seldom most Australians think about their democracy. Relive the most dramatic day in Australian politics with The Eleventh podcast. The Dismissal. A list of the Principals (as defined in the Uniform Law) of Kingston Reid is available on request. During the conversation she reveals that Kerr made sexual advances to her while he was drunk. The Dismissal Management and Mental Health . The raw material is almost the stuff of fiction – out-sized personalities, power plays, political skulduggery, the AFP raiding ASIO, the alleged involvement or prior knowledge of the CIA and the English royal family. LISTEN PODCAST The Eleventh ABC AUDIO STUDIOS Credit: I didn’t make it to the lawns outside old parliament house on November 11, 1975, to protest Gough Whitlam’s dismissal. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Michael Stutley and Miriam Power discuss the procedural steps for terminating employment where an employee can no longer perform the inherent requirement of his or her role due to mental illness. Resources / Podcast / The Dismissal. It was a role that had never existed anywhere in the world. Kingston Reid is the registered business name of Kingston Reid Pty Limited (ACN 634 832 965). The Dismissal. Unravel True Crime is a podcast where, each season, some of Australia's best journalists investigate unsolved crimes. The raid causes panic as far afield as the Langley, Virginia, headquarters of the US Central Intelligence Agency. “Secondly, I think Australian narrative non-fiction podcasts that really delve into our own stories are pretty thin on the ground. A podcast allows you to bring to life certain aspects of the story in a way that brings fresh angles. “You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried,” says Mann. A podcast on Gough Whitlam’s dismissal re-interprets our country’s greatest political crisis. Did they topple our government like they had in other places? On the podcast Reid is reticent to call what happened sexual abuse.

“On one level I thought this might be the last opportunity to interview the people who lived through this,” says Mann. As the problems mount for the government, a grave warning emerges from the most unlikely of quarters. The Eleventh, a hit podcast series from the ABC presented by investigative journalist Alex Mann, tells it differently. 'It was obvious the man was interested … and I wasn't': What happened when Sir John Kerr set his sights on Elizabeth, Why the team behind The Eleventh podcast was shocked by what they unearthed in the ABC's newspaper clippings file, What it was like to have front-row seats to Australian political history, Elizabeth Reid: Australia's forgotten feminist {Video}. “Forty-five years is a long time and if you were a player at that time you’re now in your senior years. How did The Dismissal actually happen? Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Spring road trip to Broken Hill, Australia. Joining Professor Mark Kenny to discuss what we’ve learned from the Palace Letters are historians Dr Chris Wallace and Professor Frank Bongiorno.Dr Chris Wallace is a Visiting Fellow at ANU School of History. Listen for free from your mobile device on the ABC listen app, Apple Podcasts or Google podcasts. I, for one, benefited from his free tertiary education policy, which sadly has been dismantled. By this point in time, the story of Australia’s greatest political and constitutional crisis is what many would consider in journalistic parlance as “scorched earth”. Resources / Podcast / The Dismissal. This podcast is produced in … In November, Americans will have their chance to elect him again. LISTENPODCASTThe EleventhABC AUDIO STUDIOS. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. One of the benefits of self-isolation during the Age of Corona is the ability to binge listen to podcasts. In the days, months and years following The Dismissal, more clues emerge about exactly what went down, and who was pulling strings behind the scenes. Michael Stutley and Miriam Power discuss the procedural steps for terminating employment where an employee can no longer perform the inherent requirement of his or her role due to mental illness. ABC journalist Alex Mann hosts the podcast The Eleventh. Is it just me or is everyone in a COVID funk?? Russia, If You're Listening The Russian campaign to meddle in the 2016 US Election was only part of President Vladimir Putin's big plan. Alex Mann wasn’t even born in 1975. We’d love to hear your feedback for this podcast series! He came to the university after a high-profile journalistic career including six years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Canberra Times.Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenny is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Send in your questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes to podcast@policyforum.net. A podcaster says yes, Gough Whitlam on the day of the dismissal, November 11 1975. But it happens to be something that actually happened in Australian politics in the ’70s.”. “It’s a textbook high-stakes Shakespearean tragedy. Regardless of your politics and whether you agreed with the Whitlam Government’s reforms, it should never have happened. His main impression was the famous footage of the Prime Minister on the steps of Parliament House uttering the immortal words, “Well may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the Governor-General.”. Gough Whitlam on the day of the dismissal, November 11 1975Credit:Fairfax Media. Young feminist Elizabeth Reid gets a job advising Gough Whitlam on women's issues. It's 1972. The Eleventh is a seven-part series that brings to life 1970s Australian politics and the events that led to the sacking of the 21st Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam for an … Why did Mann think there was more to be told in a podcast? Kingston Reid is not a partnership. Nearly 25 years later and after a lengthy legal battle, the correspondence between the Governor-General and the Queen’s Private Secretary is now public. Some can’t be answered. The Palace Letters – finally released to the public this week – detail the long road to one of the world’s great constitutional crises. On this Democracy Sausage, Mark Kenny is joined by Frank Bongiorno and Chris Wallace to discuss what we now know about The Dismissal. This podcast answers some of those questions. In this episode Graham Smith talks to Professor Jenny Hocking about the dismissal, the Queen's role and her legal battle to secure the release of letters between the Queen and the Governor General. Entering the history profession after a first career as an economic and political journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery, her work focuses on political, international and global history with special reference to leadership. The series takes you inside the highest circles of power to uncover pieces of this story that have never been told before... with lessons we should never forget. At times, especially when he interviewed those associated with the bizarre goings-on around the Khemlani loans affair, Mann had to pinch himself to remember all of this was real. The Dismissal (the Palace Letters Director's edition). He ended up learning a whole lot more about that day and the lead-up to it by spending an intense six months delving into the dismissal for the ABC podcast The Eleventh. The title of ‘partner’ is used to describe the most senior lawyers at the firm and does not, and is not intended to, imply the existence of a partnership within the definition of the Partnership Act. Gough Whitlam and his political rival Malcolm Fraser enter a high stakes stalemate, each side daring the other to blink.

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