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Poisonous gorillas in space, this is why we love Trek. The Nausicaans gave the crew of Deep Space Nine a hard time as well.

It also revealed the name of his species — Roylan — for the first time. The only classic races to get good screen time in the reboots have been Romulans and Vulcans. In TNG episode “Datalore,” the crew find Lore, Data’s formerly unknown brother. So, I guess we can give the Traveler credit for not only freeing us from Wesley, but also for making Bev’s boy into an interesting part of the Star Trek universe. They first appeared in the originally unaired pilot "The Cage," and then again in "The Menagerie" (which was comprised of a majority of the footage from the pilot). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While never seen on screen, there are legions of these guys running around, just waiting to be sent to some hostile planet to go to war. Oh, by the bristling beard of Zeus, the Greek Gods exists in the Star Trek universe. Trills are an advanced species of humanoid that are passionate and kind in most of their dealings. The remaining Talosians manifested the power to create illusions. Fans met the El-Aurians when The Next Generation introduced Guinan, the proprietor of Ten Forward, the bar of choice for the crew of the Enterprise. (Hey, do you think when the Borg poops they all go at once? The Xindi was one of the first warnings to humanity that not every race is benevolent as the six races of this advanced culture reined death upon an Earth that was still getting used to the idea of contact with alien life. Soon, the Talosians grew bored. Morn was also fiercely loyal to Quark and got his little Ferengi pal out of many a jam.

They were slave masters that would do anything to crush any opposition. Gorn on the Fourth of July.

Tellarites, with their distinctive beards, hooves, and stubbornness, have long been one of the backbone species of the Federation.

Ocampans are a race with powerful telekinetic powers but, sadly, this race of elf-like humanoids only have a life span of nine years. Sapient Of course, this rubbery looking and cold blooded reptilian monstrosity first appeared in the classic TOS episode “Arena,” where Kirk had to go mano-e-lizardo with the captain of a captured Gorn vessel.

But, it was established the other gods existed — and that they wore togas and laurel leaves like they were going to a frat party. Talaxians had no real home world, but that did not break their spirits. Fun fact: Gene Roddenberry wanted the Betazoid women to have four breasts. But take heart that Spock, Vulcan and Earth’s favorite son, is endeavoring to rebuild the race that has long made Star Trek so awesome.

We love Wesley’s mom, Dr. Beverly Crusher, but Wes was kind of the Jar Jar Binks of Star Trek. The blue skinned humanoids have an advanced armada and a long history of conflict with the Vulcans. Klingons take the next step of their story evolution in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Enterprise under Jonathan Archer also ran afoul of these crystalline killers. The Xindi worship a race known as the Sphere Builders and, when this mysterious race warns the Xindi that they will be involved in a war with Earth, the Xindi preemptively strike, killing millions of humans. The crews of the various iterations of Star Trek boldly went where no one has gone before — and then boldly met a crap ton of alien species. Or is it? Star Trek Arex was voiced by Scotty himself James Doohan and was a standout character in the era between The Original Series and The Next Generation. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Despite this lack of toy respect, and despite one of the cheapest prosthetic heads ever seen on TV, the Gorn’s battle with Kirk is still forever burned into Trek lore. Due to this difference, the entire population — save Lokai and Bele — were eradicated.

This caused Captain Picard to promote Crusher to ensign. That’s a bit more Giger than Pokemon. Yes, the Borg are the stuff of Federation nightmares. Overall they are a wise and benevolent race. Yeesh.

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