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A Staff Sergeant receives an automatic raise to their basic pay every one to two years. A staff sergeant ranks above sergeant and below warrant officer class 2. Staff sergeants are addressed as "Staff Sergeant" or "Staff", but never "Sergeant".[6]. Chief petty officer is the equivalent in the Royal Navy and colour sergeant in the Royal Marines. The rank of Staff Sergeant exists in the Army, Air Force and the Marine Corps, and is equivalent to the Petty officer 2nd Class in the Navy.[13]. Staff sergeants can also hold other appointments, such as company quartermaster sergeant, and are usually known by that appointment if held. The rank of staff sergeant is used in some police forces to indicate a senior supervisor. Eligibility criteria for recommendation (Regular Army and U.S. Army Reserve (Active Guard Reserve)) Factor Criteria Waiver MOS Recommended in CPMOS.

When serving as a platoon sergeant, they are the senior tactical advisor to the platoon commander (an officer) and the second-in-command of the platoon.

In the British Army, staff sergeant (SSgt or formerly S/Sgt) ranks above sergeant and below warrant officer class 2. The minimum promotion point score for attaining recommended list status for promotion to SGT is 350. In the Norwegian Defence Forces, the tasks and responsibilities of the staff sergeant (oversersjant) are not clear; quite recently, in January 2016, Norway replaced their old rank system, and implemented a new, which is more adapted to other NATO members. Logout. Above information courtesy of the United States Army. Staff sergeants are expected to be technically proficient and function as first-line supervisors within a 'work center'. This grade is normally achieved after 10 years in service. In origin, certain senior sergeants were assigned to administrative, supervisory, or other specialist duties as part of the staff of a British army regiment. It is the Air Force's first non-commissioned officer rank, as well as the first Air Force and Space Force rank to which promotion is attained on a competitive basis. Staff sergeants are referred to as "Sergeant" except in certain training environments and schools. In the past, the rank of Staff Sergeant is above the rank of Sergeant, and below the rank of Senior Staff Sergeant; with the new rank structure being introduced, the rank and insigna of Staff Sergeant is being phased out, and being replaced with three grades of Sergeant, namely, Sergeant (1), Sergeant (2), and Sergeant (3), before being promoted directly to Senior Staff Sergeant. SSG ARMY. Staff sergeants are generally placed in charge of squads, but can also act as platoon sergeants in the absence of a sergeant first class. In rare situations, a Staff Sergeant may be placed in command of a larger unit such as a platoon comprising of two to four squads containing anywhere from 16 …

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