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someone to watch over me meaning

album: Best Of Columbia Years 1943-52 [4-CD Set], Notes: The track on The Best of the Columbia Years compilation set shown above comes originally from the album The Voice that included eight songs on four 78 rpm discs, all of which appear on The Voice of Frank Sinatra CD shown immediately above, recorded July 30, 1945, in Los Angeles on Columbia Records. Sarah Vaughan ), 1949 This all occurred before George and Ira had even seen Wodehouse's and Bolton's (Please complete or pause one ), 1978 video before starting another. ), 1998-99 He believed he was writing a rhythm number that would get plugged into the show to accompany an animated dance. Video: same track as on the album shown above Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1991, 1997 Fascinating Rhythm: The Collaboration of George and Ira Gershwin, (soft cover Ed. The album version is a shorter, studio performance. As far as we know, she has not recorded the song.)

1 (watch over someone/something) to guard, protect, or be in charge of someone or something. Moreover, when, after the lyric had been written, the number was moved from one act and scene to another, Ira, was faced with the fact that his lyric would now somehow have to fit a different dramatic context. The actions that drive the baroquely complicated plot are the efforts made to save playboy Jimmy Winter* from his unfortunate marital entanglements so he can become engaged to Kay; and to save Kay's brother, a destitute English duke turned bootlegger, and his underworld cronies from the law. Video: same track as on album shown above

(Please complete or pause one (Hyland, p. 114).

album: Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot, Notes: Sting performed and arranged "Someone To Watch Over Me" for the 1987 Tom Berenger movie of the same title. He recollects, "This doll was a strange looking object I found in a Philadelphia toy store and gave to Miss Lawrence with the suggestion that she use it in the number. to watch carefully what someone is doing, especially so that you can criticize them. Every great song presumably has its right moment to be introduced to the world. verse-- conducted and arranged by Nelson Riddle.

"Integration": The Very Model for a Modern Major Songwriter. These recordings are not from piano rolls but are Gershwin himself at the piano; and, according to the liner notes, document "Gershwin's commercial recording career including all his commercial solo piano and piano with orchestra recordings." His small group here includes Artie Shaw, clarinet; Hank Jones, piano; Tal Farlow, guitar; Joe Puma, guitar; Tommy Potter, bass; Joe Roland, vibes; and Irv Klugar, drums.

[1], Das Musical war am Broadway mit 256 Aufführungen sehr erfolgreich, und bereits ab 21. ), 1945, 1954 Ted Gioia Catalog of The Great American Songbook: In his autobiography, Dancing in the Dark, lyricist Howard Dietz narrates how he came to work on several of the songs from Oh, Kay! In all these venues Lawrence appeared in the title role. 's book-writers, P. G. Wodehouse (who was also an accomplished and acclaimed lyricist) and Guy Bolton, because in Dietz' view, he was willing to do it without receiving credit, which George wanted to go solely to his brother, and for less money. She is despairing of her chances for winning his affection, or, for that matter, of ever finding anybody to care for her.

Barbra Streisand Artie Shaw Oxford University Press, 2012. Video: same track as on album shown above Writing in 1972, Alec Wilder, states that he heard that the 1926 Gertrude Lawrence Broadway performance of "Someone To Watch Over Me" in Oh, Kay! Live at the Donmar Warehouse, Covent Garden, London, August 26, 1999, More Performances of background-color: #FBECD5; Credits for Videomakers of videos used on this page: Borrowed material (text): The sources of all quoted and paraphrased text are cited. body { In that scene the lady is looking for a man she had rescued from revenue officers who thought him to be a bootlegger. Juli 2019 um 02:42 Uhr bearbeitet. ), 2009 2006, Star! As Philip Furia points out, Guy Bolton felt his and Wodehouse's book for the show, after much doctoring, had managed to "capture the rhythm of the era."

[1], Gershwin hatte den Song ursprünglich als eine Up-tempo-Jazzmelodie geschrieben, experimentierte aber auch mit langsameren Versionen.

127-128). To her heart I'll carry the key. The story was typical for Twenties shows that featured complicated plots tossing together the rich and famous with the hoi polloi. 187, 188). The recording on the YouTube Video above is from the original 1926 Oh, Kay! She sings the verse on both. body { So while they were awaiting the snail-mail delivery of the book from Wodehouse and Bolton, George came up with a melody that was, as Ira tells it , "fast and jazzy," a rhythm tune that would most likely, had it been left alone, have turned out to be a "dance-and-ensemble number" to be used somewhere in the show.

Such permission will be acknowledged in this space on the page where the image is used. has been dropped -- beginning with a shot for Ben. (Please complete or pause one She knows almost nothing about him, doesn't even remember what he looks like, but is young, romantic and desperately hoping to find him. IV (My Favorite Instrument, Live)

Click here to read lyrics for "Someone To Watch Over Me" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald on her album The George and Ira Gershwin Songbook, original 1959 version on which Ella sings the 1945: 1954: She was not the generic flapper of earlier Gershwin shows but a multi-faceted figure, one who came from wealth but was streetwise, one whose personas in the show included an "urbanely flippant" society lady, a housemaid with a brash Cockney accent, and an innocent, vulnerable and naive young woman. (1926). Frank (B-Sides) is heavy on original compositions that didn't make it onto the 2003 debut, and also includes "a sublime take on George Gershwin’s 'Someone to Watch Over Me' [that] plays with a sultry, smoky lounge feel" (iTunes album review"). in the Cafe Songbook Record/Video Cabinet body { Gershwin "Someone to Watch Over Me" was written for Gertrude Lawrence to sing in Oh, Kay! Dietz adds, I was very proud to work with the great Gershwin, and I would have done it for nothing, which I did" (Dancing in the Dark, p. 74 Hardcover Ed.). album: Sarah Vaughan was taken at a tempo "fast to the degree that none of the ballad quality associated with the song for so many years could have been present" (p. 137, hardcover Ed.). Keith Jarrett Other songs written for Oh, Kay! body { That he doesn't, may leave things a bit ambiguous but doesn't rule out anything either. ), 1945, 1947 video before starting another. background-color: #FBECD5; and it evolved into the show's most successful song, then into a hit and finally into a standard. Even then, there was a moment when replacing it with another song altogether was contemplated. The CD referenced above joins the tracks from two vinyl albums (Lee Wiley Sings George and Ira Gershwin and Lee Wiley Sings Cole Porter) with personnel including pianist Joe Bushkin, trumpeter Max Kaminsky, tenor-saxophonist Bud Freeman, clarinetist Pee Wee Russell, a quartet with Bushkin and trumpeter Bunny Berigan, and Paul Weston's Orchestra. Berkeley: Univ. Other Lawrence version of "Someone To Watch Over Me," include are the one from 1927, recorded in London during the West End run of Oh, Kay! } Michael Feinstein (piano) A Biography, as Ella's original Gershwin Songbook version.

), 1968 According to Ted Gioia, Eddie Condon (who played guitar on some of the other tracks during the session for the Gershwin portion of this CD) "must have been impressed [with the song] since he added it to his repertoire in the mid-1940s," which was important in bringing "Someone To Watch Over Me" to the attention of the jazz community and eventually to the public in general after the song had slipped in popularity. (Please complete or pause one This was the penalty, according to Wayne Shirley (quoted by Furia) "for writing lyrics too closely connected to the plot of a show," in other words integrating the lyric too tightly. video before starting another. This may be because he wants to be authentic to that text, or, perhaps, because he wants to be authentic to himself as one who desires to be watched over by a man. }

background-color: #FBECD5; } (written with this tempo before the song had a title or a lyric, background-color: #FBECD5; And, we might add, as is so often the case, a song like "Someone To Watch Over Me," that has taken its place in The Songbook, is still as vital, relevant and appealing today as it was then, even while the show from which it came has been largely forgotten. In fact, Wodehouse and Bolton worked on the show mostly on their side of the pond, while the Gershwins, the shows producers, Alex Aarons and Vinton Freedly, as well as the director, the choreographer, etc. background-color: #FBECD5; video before starting another. } Will Friedwald comments that The Vocie album "is Sinatra's first done with the intent of creating a uniform sound throughout, in this case a kind of chamber music created by an eight piece ensemble or 'double quartet' with an emphasis on one of the violins as solo instrument and the guitar as the primary rhythm instrument." Die US-amerikanische Jazzsängerin Lee Wiley nahm 1939 ein Album mit allen Liedern von George Gershwin auf und wurde dabei von unterschiedlichen Jazzmusikern auf deren Instrumenten begleitet. It could be added that the lyric is conveniently vague enough not to be glaringly out of context. album: Indian Summer, Notes: Hawkins is an early representative of the slow tempo, romantic school in jazz interpretations of "Someone To Watch Over Me." [4] Weitere Songs im Musical waren: The Woman’s Touch, Don’t Ask!, Dear Little Girl, Maybe, Clap Yo’ Hands, Do, Do, Do, Bride and Groom, Fidgety Feet, Heaven on Earth und der Titelsong des Musicals. In any case, the title included, according to George Gershwin critic and biographer Howard Pollack, "an inspired stroke, as the phrase "watch over' neatly fitted Gershwin's downward leap of an octave" (Pollack, p. 381). "Someone To Watch Over Me," one of the great love songs in American musical theater history, is performed by Lawrence in the title role of Kay. He is, of course, exactly correct about "the ballad quality associated with the song" ever since.

Cheyenne Jackson (vocal) Ira wrote his lyric (by that time knowing the song would be a ballad not a rhythm number) with all that complexity as well as the action of the first scene of Act 1 in mind.

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