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political theory reading list

Comprehensive and well organized, it provides an updated account of key concepts in contemporary political philosophy, and highlights their relevance to political life in the 21st century.

George Ciccariello-Maher, George. Unfortunately, Arendt lived to complete only the first two parts, Thinking and Willing. )‘Written in a clear and accessible style, it is an engaging introduction for those who are new to political philosophy and wish to think through some of its most important questions. Riots are extra-state because they violate the state’s monopoly on violence. Ta-Nehisi Coates. 2017. Good further or advanced reading on the methodology of political philosophy, and an incredibly illuminating critical complement to a Rawls-heavy syllabus. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. “Justice, Deviance, and the Dark Ghetto.” Philosophy & Public Affairs 35 (2): 126–60. “The Moral Economy of the English Crowd in the Eighteenth Century.” Past & Present 50: 76–136.

Individual chapters would also make very good further or advanced reading in their own right, especially the chapters on Rawls, the norm of philosophical charity, speech acts and silencing, and political realism. : The theme bibliographies listed here are advisory only (except in the case of the “core” theme); they do not constitute necessary and sufficient lists of the works for which students will be held responsible. If the discussion of reason itself is to proceed in terms of conflicts whose battlefields and strife are scenes of defeat and victory that will give way to a lasting peace only when we have established through legislation such courts, tribunals, and judges as can weigh the issue and give verdict, then it is perhaps not surprising that Kant links his discussions of politics very closely to larger issues about the powers and limits of human reason. %PDF-1.3 “Uprisings in the Banlieues.” Constellations 14 (1): 47–71. Jeanette Kirkpatrick.

Abstract: In this essay, I analyze the cosmopolitan project for a new international order that Habermas has articulated in recent publications. “The M.L. Riot. Topics are introduced in a clear and eminently readable fashion, using accessible real world examples whilst drawing on sophisticated scholarly literature. Three recent accounts of rioting locate this form of political militancy within this larger tradition. By considering the justifiable reasons for resisting each of these foundational institutions I propose some provisional criteria for a justifiable riot and argue that political theorists should pay attention to the normative dimension of riots. Would work as either a good main text for a lecture or seminar on this topic or as further reading for anyone working on it.

2015. N4�J���gO��g!2z����{,�7W�����䘋l��>&_�N3.�ن�B� if one breaks with AA? In this book, Susan Mendus seeks to address these important questions to assess whether this apparent tension between morality and politics is real and, if so, why. Riots are extra-Parliamentary because they operate outside of the normal legislative process. 2 0 obj You must have a goodreads account to vote. The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of An Idea. Malcolm X. Publisher’s Note: Written by Phil Parvin and Clare Chambers, who are current political philosophy lecturers and leading researchers, Political Philosophy – The Essentials is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. Alex Vitale. In Kant’s writings toleration is not a derivative value, to be established only when the value of true and reasoned belief and of liberty in self-regarding matters has been established. )‘A lively, accessible and engaging read. Political Theory Reading List Department of Political Science Yale University All Votes Add Books To This List. Yes, that’s our contemporary novel section (i.e., no need for reference most of the time), so I organized it by color to surprise my girlfriend.

Matt Clement. ԁH�2u�0�9�m�&���.�B%���?j��d��n�m�;�q�,8�Ȅ���0a��[x,~� dƄ'� VD�����0Ji�!pc�vbJS�Z������eJ{���ڂ܇ w�n�3V.�d6�M�2@�z�%2)͒b ���3�>��"�\�jt�6e�!����U��@ In a marvelous feat of synthesis, she links the classical tradition, the giants of the modern period, the dominant topics of the twentieth century, and the new questions and concerns that are just beginning to rewrite contemporary political philosophy.Hampton presents these traditions in an engaging and accessible manner, adding to them her own views and encouraging readers to critically examine a range of ideas and to reach their own conclusions. Where was this list when I was formatting my exams!?

Each line of thought justifies practices of toleration as means to something which is seen both as logically independent and as of more fundamental value.

London: Serif. Steven I. Wilkinson. Topics are introduced in a clear and eminently readable fashion, using accessible real world examples whilst drawing on sophisticated scholarly literature. Some Facebook friends have asked me about my personal “canon” of political theology, and I decided it would make a good idea for a blog post. Frantz Fanon 1963. There is no comparable book which covers such a wide range of topics in such a student-friendly manner.’ (Dr Daniel Butt, Lecturer in Political Theory, University of Bristol. John Rawls.

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