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juvenile justice articles 2020

Participants included 31 juvenile justice administrators representing 34 juvenile justice agencies in 7 states, who were interviewed and asked about their experiences participating and implementing the various phases the project. The letter expresses opposition to Operation Relentless Pursuit (ORP), a program that encourages the criminalization and over-policing of Black and Brown communities. Keywords: Juvenile justice, transition plans, reentry plans, discharge plans, disability, out-of-home care, conceptual framework Download Article, Journal of Applied Juvenile Justice Services. Sexual misconduct misdemeanor offenses and felony sex offenses inferential statistics from PACT was used to compare differences between adolescent male offenders who had a mother and father present at home and adolescent male offenders who did not have a father at home. ... Sep 25, 2020 10:11 AM … Home News Center Federal Juvenile Justice Update - July 2020. This paper describes potential benefits and empirical support for applying key components of Resilience theory and its associated models to intervention strategies within the field of juvenile justice. Young people in custody or serving community-based orders suffer from depression, substance abuse and dependence at significantly…, Reflecting on the case of Cyntoia Brown – talking with the director of ‘Murder to Mercy’, American youth don’t know much about the juvenile justice system, Young crime is often a phase, and locking kids up is counterproductive, ‘Naming and shaming’ juvenile offenders or open justice? The NT royal commission: it’s a good start but more leadership is needed, Abuse in youth detention is not restricted to the Northern Territory. Dan Birman, director of the new Netflix feature documentary 'Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story,' discusses his filmmaking process and the importance of the case. Our study also found significant differences in ACE exposure, by sex, among juvenile detention offenders. However, emerging research has demonstrated that the process of positively coping with risk can minimize factors that promote delinquency and criminality. According to a new report from National Research Council at the National Academies, legal responses to juvenile offending should be grounded in emerging scientific knowledge about adolescent development, and tailored to an individual offender's needs and social environment. The quantitative analysis was a descriptive analysis. Awareness of social factors, such as society's perpetuation of masculinity, are critical to understanding the interconnections between trauma, disadvantage and substance abuse in young men.

Policymakers are reluctant to acknowledge the care system is producing criminals. Incarcerated youth face many challenges as they transition back to the community. The idea of treating juveniles differently in the justice system has a long history. Restorative justice is gaining momentum as a more effective and holistic response to delinquent juvenile behavior.

Call on Congress to invest in youth in their next recovery plan. Senators Murphy (D-CT) and Warren (D-MA) introduced the bill in the Senate and Representatives Omar (D-MN) and Pressley (D-MA) introduced the bill in the House. Important questions are being asked about why children were abused in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory. Results showed that implementation partners perceived the phases, including the strategic planning, data gathering, training tools, and change team meetings to be effective and valued, but logistical challenges (e.g., technical difficulties, work load) were associated with implementing the agreed-upon changes. A report released Tuesday about Oregon’s juvenile justice system found that access to justice varies widely across the state. The shocking incidents at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, revealed this week, are not in isolation. Keywords: employment, delinquency, reentry, expungement, sealing, records Download Article, Examining What Works for High Risk Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System: Comparing the Effect of the Community Connections (CC) Program to Intensive Supervision Probation (ISP) Over A Nine-Year Time Period, Erin M. Espinosa, Ph.D.National Council on Crime and Delinquency, Dan Sass, Ph.D.University of Texas at San Antonio, Johanna Creswell Báez, Ph.D.Columbia University, Cassandra Harper, MPHSouthwest Key ProgramsPages 91-111, Using administrative data collected by an urban juvenile probation department between January 2007 and August 2016, this study compared the impact of the Community Connections (CC) program to a matched sample of youth who received intensive supervision probation (ISP) on six time-to-event variables (i.e., time to second program, detention, out-of-home placement, another offense, violation of court order, and days in program). YERINGTON, Nev. (AP) — A fifth juvenile has been arrested and jailed in the May 7 shooting death of a 34-year-old Carson City-area man. CC and ISP youth were matched using propensity score matching that created a final sample of 381 youth in each program. Plans for an industrial school in Feltham, England. Please see below for a list of the national letters that NJJN has signed since our last newsletter and see the federal policy page of our website for a complete list: July 29, 2020 – Signed on to endorse the Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act which prohibits federal funding of school-based law enforcement and provides funding for positive supports instead. Since 2012, a growing number of states have used data and research to inform sweeping policy changes that aim to improve juvenile justice systems. Courtesy of Netflix May 29, 2020 … Should places like the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre even exist? Meet Cyntoia Brown, the teen who sparked a debate, How yoga is helping girls heal from trauma, How resilience can break the link between a ‘bad’ childhood and the youth justice system, Australia could alleviate its youth justice crisis by importing the right ideas from the US, The faulty child welfare system is the real issue behind our youth justice crisis, Rethinking youth justice: there are alternatives to juvenile detention. Riots have hit youth detention centres in both Australia and the US. Rather than assisting in prevention and allowing children to mature out of offending, juvenile detention does the opposite. A new battle over press freedom. With over 2,000 cases of COVID-19 in youth facilities across the country, it is critical that Congress include protections for justice-involved youth in the COVID-19 recovery package they are now negotiating. The shocking abuse of young inmates at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre has prompted a royal commission. Strong and consistent communication was listed as a significant factor in helping to meet behavioral health goals. Young men with problem drug-use have high rates of mental health problems and backgrounds of contact with child protection. But we also need to ask why children are being detained at all. The abuse at Don Dale detention centre has been known for some time, but nothing has been done about it. International Business Machines Corporation IBM® SPSS® software was used to provide inferential statistical data. Australian jurisdictions should enact permanent solutions to juvenile justice crises that replace large and ineffective youth prisons with a safer, more decent alternative. Should we be locking people up in prisons at all? Four decades of research relates restorative justice initiatives to positive outcomes including enhanced victim and offender satisfaction and sense of fairness, increased compliance with restitution, and reduced recurrence of offensive behaviors (Hansen & Umbreit, 2018). Knowing why people with troubled childhoods may be more likely to engage in criminal activity is necessary to inform the development of effective prevention and early intervention initiatives. Employers are less likely to call back job applicants with criminal records; however, few studies have examined the impact of a delinquency history on employment outcomes in adulthood. July 27, 2020 – Signed onto a letter organized by The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, that asks Congress to honor the life of John Lewis by passing the Voting Rights Advancement Act and the election provisions of the HEROES Act.

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