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how old is octavia in the 100

After Bellamy's tracking chip is taken from his arm, he places it in his cage and promises Echo that he will come back for her.

In the second season, she was a member of Azgeda's royal guard who had been trapped in Mount Weather, where her blood was harvested until Bellamy and the others had rescued her.
Abby helps Raven off her horse because she can’t get down on her own. Another notable example involves a plan to pretend to be a reaper to infiltrate Mount Weather. Unlike other Azgeda warriors, she had no scars on her face. Echo tries to kill him but is stopped by Jade who has been following her. Nyko was willing to help save Octavia and go against his own people even though he could be punished for it in order to help Lincoln. Her father, Jake, discovered that the Ark’s life-support was failing and threatened to go public with it. Three Trikru Warriors move to attack Roan but are ambushed by Azgeda archers under Echo’s command, who have either changed upon the King or have otherwise gauged his location from an unknown source. She has appeared in Supernatural, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and Cult. Echo and Bellamy hide in the bushes on the field to rescue Emori once she steals the completed EMP which they would use to pass through the radiation shield. In retribution, Echo captures Bellamy and Stevens who are out hunting, interrogates them and then returns them to Roan as hostages.

Because of this, she wouldn't talk about her parents, until many years later. After Echo commands one of her warriors to keep the Skaikru prisoners well-guarded, she seems about to object when Roan orders that Clarke be brought to him, but she holds her tongue. Clarke calms her by telling her that he and Bellamy are going to be all right. Before the group can leave, they are interrupted by Anders who is enraged at Echo killing three more Disciples, torturing Levitt and attempting to use Gen-9 to commit genocide. Afterward, as Lincoln helps Octavia back out of his cave, Finn suddenly appears, brandishing the blade that Lincoln had stabbed him with. Raven becomes mad at Echo for making her betray Shaw - the only person who was on their side. As a prisoner in Mount Weather, she was unaware of the peace between the Grounders and the Sky People and shows disdain for Sky People. Lincoln says they can’t because Luna is hiding. The other Spacekru members - Raven, Emori,Murphy, Monty and Harper also seem to have started trusting Echo despite her previous betrayals. There are still mysteries, but what the Anomaly is, how it works, and where all of this might be going has become clearer now. Echo asks how ascension is possible considering the Flame was destroyed, and Roan realizes that he was deceived into believing that the Flame was gone. Nyko tells Lincoln that their people are wrong and places aren't evil; people are.

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