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epstein island sold 2020

So do secret trial proceedings. pic.twitter.com/F1l0uX35v2, Serious allegations -Maxwell directed the minor to have sex with former MIT scientist Marvin Minsky at Epstein's complex in the US Virgin Islands. Read article here, Lots of articles and movies on 9/11 truth here or in the categories section >right>, Documentary on the controlled demolition of the world trade centre on 9/11. The plan nearly worked as the death of African American George Floyd triggered huge, coordinated acts of looting and vandalism all over the United States. In addition to the recent study published in Environmental Research Letters entitled, Cost Analysis of Stratospheric Albedo Modification Delivery Systems, a 2010 study undertaken on behalf of the Belfort Group, a Belgian “environmental watchdog” organization, also corroborates much of the information compiled by citizens and activists the world over regarding the existence of chemtrails and stratospheric weather modification programs.

Oliver Sachs
Have faith in humanity!. Specifically ordered by George H. W. Bush. They will not be the last. To put that into perspective for you, the US military spent $737 billion on ‘military defense’ in 2012, $30 billion of which is about 8 days of such an expenditure. Obamas drone program is CIA murder of innocent people and drones must be abolished. Good Thread HERE, 114/ Tom HanksHe is an American actor and filmmaker. The Association des Officiers De Réserve (Association of Army Reserve Officers) spent 50 days investigating issues related to the 2020 “pandemic”. Police State 4 | The Rise Of FEMA | Alex Jones, Another excellent documentary by Alex Jones. Read article and watch the video clips here. In America today, police murder with impunity. Why do they always send the poor? “What did you say…? Hey, after the Trump-Russia collusion fiasco, the spying on the Trump campaign, the botched FISA warrants issued against former Trump campaign official Carter Page, and the tens of thousands of anti-Trump texts between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, these documents sure don’t put the FBI in a good light again. Read article here, Fly The US Governments True Flag and Judge Their Actions Accordingly, Look at the actions of the US government over the past 70+ years, and judge each action with the governments true flag flying. The witnesses included several ex-Guantanamo detainees that gave testimony on the conditions and human rights violations that were systematically carried out under orders of the Bush administration. The government did not like the truth being told to the masses. The royal turned up at the star’s house at 1am. April 1, 2011.” read article here, The Democrat in office has taken a position on unilateral murder so extreme as to be “profoundly troubling” in its legal reach and potential for future use. According to the little black book, Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor to Jeffrey Epstein’s … No, we are hardly a democracy. Whether it’s Local Spanish News or International Entertainment News, we’ve got you covered! Read article, WHO Backpedals on COVID-19 Scam as Criminal , Civil Charges Filed, Total Deaths All Causes + COVID Survival Rates = No Pandemic | Masks, Lockdown + Vaccine not necessary, Why are we being censored? Gwen Stefani Won Academy Awards for The Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999). 11 years is no reason to stop fighting fascist propaganda. Tax exempt foundations and mega corporations are filling the gap. The Large Hadron Collider is a dangerous instrument wielded by men and women seeking ultimate knowledge and power.

We must all act upon the truth. Read article here, The Collapse Of Our Modern World + The Birth Of  A Better One. 7/ Andrea Mitrovich aka Andrea StowellShe’s worked for Clinton Foundation, World Bank, and as a consultant for RTI/Sanitation Technology Platform, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation initiative. There is so much evidence for this now that only the fools still relying on Satanic corporate propaganda do not realize it yet. Then bombarded with massive amounts of gas. When it comes to the truth, these pictures speak volumes. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/quentin-tarantino-defends-roman-polanski-interview-1202688885/Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH8X_ZAZxrQ, 94/ Ralph EllisonA pharmaceutical executive – Pharmaceutical exec sells North Bay Road home for $13M A pharmaceutical executive and his wife have sold their Spanish-style waterfront home on Miami Beach’s North Bay Road for $12.9 million, or about $2,000 per square foot. The HAARP caused flooding is expected to be followed by an earthquake and then a “nuclear emergency” involving the 15 nuclear reactors located in the region.

The U.S. Government and Jesuit controlled sections of the HAARP  environmental weapons system,   under President Barack Obama in coordination with monarchies and Zionist banking networks, are creating polar vortex and nuclear typhoons filled with Fukushima radiation that is then dropped on the northern hemisphere populations, especially targeting the United States people with depopulating radiation.

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