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black swan ballet

2). Thriller is very close to the horror genre, particularly when the writer writes in gore, supernatural elements, etc.

It's a movie about some whacked out chick who literally tries to become the black swan in "Swan Lake". From Cyprus +C $12.77 shipping. She NEVER offered the truth. Further, real dance moms are such unsung heroes, such diligent, solid supporters of their daughter’s careers, it burns me to see a dance mom portrayed in such an icky fashion. Natalie Portman and Milla Kunis as ballerinas in an unnamed American ballet company, Vincent Cassel (well-known and rather good French actor) as the director of a new production of Swan Lake, Barbara Hershey as Natalie Portman's mother.

With generous support from The Home Depot Foundation and in appreciation of your service, members of the U.S. military and veterans with valid documentation may receive up to 2 complimentary tickets to the Black Swan performance on Friday, March 16 at 8pm or Saturday, March 17 at 2pm. Keep up the good work. I feel cheated that I wasted time watching this and I am shocked that it has such a high rating on IMDb. But, again, ANGST. Some will evade their point/message in their fervor to embrace a different point. To make the perfectionist dancer into a wack job who cuts herself was the script writer’s fascination with the Horror/Thriller genres woven stupidly and dishonestly into this story line. Right from the beginning of the movie the viewer is lead to believe that Nina is good, but all I saw is a confused and obsessed individual. All Rights Reserved. Then again, you had/have a real talent on the piano, so your loss is the world’s gain. It’s just not a great ballet flick. Can't get reality and the ballet right in her head. At first, I figured that the artistic director was being a creepy jerk trying to seduce Nina, but as the film proceeded, I started to feel like the film was promoting the idea that a dancer needs to “act out” sexually in order to perform the role of Odile. (See rant #9.) My biggest gripe about this movie is the fact the Portman character has all the presence and self-confidence of a puddle. His vision brings out one of the year's best films and one of my new favorites, he and Natalie Portman were meant to work together. I truly wanted to like it, and there are certainly moments that I will remember, but . Darren Aronofsky's confidence is overwhelming. So glad it all brought you on board to ballet appreciation. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Friday, March 16 at 8pm & Saturday, March 17 at 8pm*Swan Lake - Act IIIOdile - Jessica AssefPrince Siegfried - Nikolas Gaifullin, Remembrance/HereafterPrincipal Trio: Jessica He, Jacob Bush, Keaton LeierPrincipal Couple: Saho Kumagai/Erica Alvarado*, Alexandre BarrosPrincipal Couple: Olivia Yoch, Sergio Masero-Olarte, Saturday, March 17 at 2pm & Sunday, March 18 at 2pmSwan Lake - Act IIOdile - Emily CarricoPrince Siegfried - Moisés Martín. User Ratings I remember the ballet class I finally was allowed to take was chosen because it was walking distance to/from the house and didn’t have to further inconvenience Mom. York County Administrative Building, 28 E Market St, York, PA 17401, USA. If it’s a scrawny-necked closeup, it’s Portman.”.

All this fuss about this silly little flick.

That way, we can still enjoy the dancing, and it makes the suspension of belief easier. 8) Sarah Lane didn’t get the recognition she deserved. That scene where her mother forcibly clips her nails has to be one of the most haunting moments of the film, it’s strange to see that it could translate as unnecessary ‘mommying’ to someone. By Linda Winsh-Bolard I don't know why I do this to myself. What did I just see? How is THAT for a mindf*cK 8. Like most parents of schizophrenics she kept her as close as possible and kept sharp objects away- including sharp fingernails. Not much to her except to be the antithesis to Nina, the “cool girl”, the Veronica to her Betty. And now after this review, I can honestly say, I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time with it. It was self-indulgent, over-rated and for my money, a waste of time. If you live in a ballet city, that’s way cool. Just not how it is in the dance world.

I can honestly say that this is one of the worst films that I have ever seen. Even though the movie may not have said at any point that it was representative of all dance companies and ballet dancers, there is a certain percentage of people that will still project the movie’s representation onto what happens in real life. And don't try to label the movie sophisticated or artsy. When people don’t know the dance world, they might think that this is the norm, which it isn’t. I feel your pain on the makeup. Natalie Portman was being judged as an actor, NOT as a ballet dancer. At a young age he has come so far in creating some of cinema's most fascinating characters and stories, he's given us such amazing films. I love thinking about it, tho, just as the movie, A Beautiful Mind, really messed with my mind, but in a good way. Get real. It is not as if my expectations were high, or hardly any. Ballet dancers are warriors. The story was about the daughter of a hypercritical mother who’d never been allowed to dance for the sheer thrill of it; instead, she was pushed and pushed and pushed to be her mother’s dream. I'm certain I've just seen a brilliant piece of filmmaking, but at the same time I feel like I've just been run over by a convoy of trucks. This wasn’t much of a ballet movie to me, rather a story about life, inner struggles, relationships – how those can influence and change us, striving for achievement etc. The story follows Prince Siegfried as he attempts to find love and does so when he sees a white swan transform into Odette. : ). WTF, is company class a glamour show? The first 40 or so minutes are filled with boring, mundane nonsense about the main actress being cast in the lead role in swan lake, as a viewer you hope that after this rubbish the film will start to get interesting but sadly all it does is amble along and leave you hoping that the end is in sight. I just don't understand all the fuss. I pretty sure most adults know a movie is movie. Proudly created with Wix.com, 120 College Ave, 120 College Ave, Mountville, PA 17554, USA.

Yikes! 3). [..] I don’t want there to be boundaries between us.” Well, now. In some ways, blogs do precisely what movies, as you mentioned, strive to do. They sat and applauded loudly the names as they scrolled up, then upon the very last credit on the screen, they applauded loudly again. People are too sensitive now days. And oh, yeah, BUCKS.

Obsession for beauty, fame, and above all, perfection. Nina was the interesting one by far. On the other hand, the tight fifth positions, the bourrées, the turns, the elegant lines, were Sarah Lane’s. Plus, what with my buxom Mertes bosom, I can’t even stand up straight anymore; I keep falling forward. A film that is NOT worth seeing! "Swan Lake" made its American debut with a 1940 performance by the San Francisco Ballet.

Your comments about boundaries also hit home.

Top Rated Seller.

And you really want to tell me that EVERY dance mom is a diligent unsung hero? But to be honest, I think we've all had those moments of wanting to be perfect. Olivia, I’ll just cut straight to the point. The movie of them year! You go, Mama!

If Portman had shared the credit with the dancer who served as her double, she would have received appreciation. Based on the commercials for Black Swan, I walked into the theater expecting to see a film about a career ballerina who is forced to access her repressed dark side in preparation for her role as the swan queen and cracks under the pressure. I’m enjoying all the spirited conversation taking place! Black Swan is a 2010 American psychological horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky. Like you say, a great thriller. Portman’s mother in the movie lived with her because her condition meant she was incapable of looking after herself in most days. Yet Nina seems to wander around unaware of the demands of the roles that she is performing, apart from a dim notion that she must be “perfect.”.

Hint: the tight neck and expressions were Natalie’s. Yay, someone else who felt ambivalent about the movie but loves all things dance!! The boiled chicken and fresh-plucked look was also a big turn-off. For Peter Schaufuss, he designed scenery and costumes for Bournonville ballets in Italy and the set for his production of Napoli Divertissements for Festival Ballet in London. I had the opportunity to see Black Swan in one of the 18 theaters that it opened up on this weekend, although I generally do not do so, I was compelled to write a review of the film. And it’s a film, it’s supposed to be larger than life, how many people do you think would want to hear the story of a well adjusted person going about in their perfectly normal lives? We are made to believe that she is somehow upstaging the uptight Nina, the ultimate bunhead. There was a lot of hype, just before the Academy Awards, at how neat it was that Natalie could dance like a professional after only two years of training. The tucked-away hair thing—we dancers like the feeling. It’s a review. Proudly created with Wix.com. It was good timing on their part.

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