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absurd sentence generator

Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters A B S U R D, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. Random Sentence Generator Use this random sentence generator to create random sentences that can help you brainstorm, come up with new story ideas, or song lyrics. A fun and easy way to memorize and share quotations. absurd. 5. Popup window app showing Pokémon types, strengths and weaknesses for gym battles, A smooth popup-based Japanese-English dictionary lookup experience. These alcoholic stories break open the experience of the, According to a Fox News report, the move is the latest, But the epistemology of sense experience led John Locke and David Hume to a skeptical philosophy that realists found, Bruce Nauman uses neon not to advertise a product or service but to make, That dark core is that it redefines property rights to an, There are moments of profound existential angst, howls of despair at the, Many German social democrats thought such an experiment was, He also viewed Walpole's sensitivity to criticism as, In other cases the death wish, while obvious in the manifest dream content, appears, The idea that the chiefs who erected these monuments were the authors of their defacement is too, She did not like the things at all, for no one could be certain what, Now, with all due respect to our primary and secondary school system, this is, To be sure, Mrs. speckle did not keep a looking-glass, and I suppose poor Brownie had no idea how very, The firmament is not to be shaken, but Annibale is not a farceur, nor his Blessed One, She had almost thought that was the name of the feeling, only it had seemed so, This credulity has a scientific basis, and has no relation to the old, Indeed, to say that our common sheep sprung from the argali seems a very, The more the agathist ladies looked at her, the more, The opinion of Hahn, who considered it to have been their anthrax, is, A broken branch had run clean through the man's thorax, and he hung, so stabbed, looking limp and, The astounded guard burst into laughter at their, Up and down and sideways they crawl, and those, After all, why should she add to her other real disappointments by taking this, To accuse him of ignorance or boorishness would have been, To make the telephone an annex of the post office or the telegraph has become, This seems rather incredible now, but it is true enough, and, To spin yarns for Charley's delectation would have been, It usually also lacks the bizarreness that can make the contemporary art world's priciest corners seem like alcoves of the theater of the, It was another of my surreptitious schemes for extinguishing knighthood by making it grotesque and, Malaprop in Sheridan's The Rivals, Ros nevertheless dazzles the reader with word combinations that are unexpected and sometimes, And a sentimentalist, my dear Darlington, is a man who sees an, They both took the situation so much as a matter of course that I felt it, The Golden Globe Award winner further added that according to her ageless beauty doesn't exist and it's just a catch-phrase and it is, Acutely observed details mingle with deliciously, I suppose you agree that the middle classes are stupid?But how to get that appallingly, Father Brown started and spun half round like an. 403. Like a lunatic's ravings, his writing is inscrutable, The idea of any newspaper urging its readers to involve themselves in such a jaw droppingly patronising scheme is, In the case of a conspiracy to defraud by wholescale misappropriation it would be, She's assertive, aggressive, totally on top of her game and yet what happens to her is, The Washington press corps is sometimes likened to a wolf pack, a simile which I find utterly, In Milan Kundera's clumsy new novella, a portentous, worn-out philosophy that borders on the ironic and, To mount any more resistance isn't only hurtful, it's, The result of giving the words their ordinary meaning is not, Although AmEx has spent zilch on promotion, some would-be customers go to, It seems that lawmakers are ignoring public opinion in making such an, This touches on zugzwang, stalemate, fortresses, attack on the king, and some other, The type of flattery that has reached dangerous proportions today is the, He also was prone to filing lawsuits and making, The idea that ruination and decimation of the peasants could promote industrialisation of the country is too, This is the polite version of the assertion that there is nothing so, If mainstream comedy is to move away from its stagnant form, I feel it will find salvation in more, But don't let them lurk deep in your soul's most secret crannies, malignly pulling strings and making you act out in, The last resort for sticking to production deadlines has obviously been trading humour for outrage, for the movie is as outrageous as it is, When I think of the present it appears to be a drama of the, For understandable reasons we prefer to think of ourselves as rational agents who live meaningful lives rather than as muddled actors in a theatre of the, This bleak outlook on humankind allies him to Beckett, and it's no surprise that the godfather of the, And, as any good public defender would, Wolf says the allegations are, It speaks of culture as chiefly an economic matter, which is ahistorical and, She perfectly captures the jaunty, businesslike hooker enjoying the, But the carbon footprint of growing a plant under blazing bright lights is, But forget about the tertiary side characters, the main players are also saddled with catastrophically, The idea that competent writers produce first-rate verse in a fit of absence of mind, not knowing it to be good, is altogether too, With no sign that guantanamo will be closed any time soon, this theater of the, Prime Minister John Howard says the comments are, To make excuses for such blatant stupidity is even more, His technophilia shone through, but so did his rich sense of the, Arnold was spellbinding in convincing her that the tales were, Surely this is a case of anthropomorphism at its most, The anti-Christian bias in our society has reached, They enjoy a spate of possession down the right wing starring an amazing cameo from Mills and his, The show presents a cross-section of works that blur the line between the humorous and, Who could this ruthless new satirist be, who had parachuted unannounced into the Scottish media, with so sharp a knife and so keen a sense of the, In restaurants, we are offered anything from the faintly recognisable tamarillo or star anise ice-cream to, We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated in this, Martin's presumptuous and unproven speculation borders on the, Trying to predict what cardiology will look like in 10, 25, or 50 years is an almost, He insisted on precise and authentic sets and costumes, which provided a foundation to ground and focus his, The chemistry of the myrmicine genus Solenopsis is so aberrant that it reduces generalizations about ant venoms to the, Instead of discussing these issues, however, theatre of the, One of the main aspects of theatre of the, Secombe mainly played Neddie Seagoon, around whom the show's, The ritual and tradition are of course rather, The others have not fared as well in this theater of the, I don't have any problem with costume drama B-movies taking the most, The golden rule is used when use of the literal rule would obviously create an, As for his marriage with the Lady Margaret, fixed though it was for this day sennight, the thing was so palpably, These drunkalogues are our art of the grotesque. This is very similar to that method but it's an automatic process and it assembles the words into a sentence structure so hopefully there is some meaning, however absurd, that can be wrung from the sentence right away. Fun & easy way to master gre, gmat, sat, ielts vocabulary using mnemonic. Try now!

: So I have, at the very least, one example of the President telling a bald-faced, absurd lie. Animated owl live wallpaper featuring an owl who blinks, gasps and moves! Page Title and Description Letter Counter. She found the whole concept faintly absurd. : What made him think of such an outrageously absurd idea I can't say for sure. 2. The tool chooses nouns, verbs and adjectives from a hand-picked list of thousands of the most evocative words and generates a random sentence to help inspire you.

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