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MORE INFORMATION SOON ABOUT 2020’s EDITION! As a change agent, Greenfish assists its partners in industrial process optimization, from managerial to operational perspectives. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Greenfish is keen to participate in the revalorization of waste through the implementation and improvement of sorting and recycling capabilities, which is paramount in the transition towards a circular economy. Due to its critical importance, we accompany the chemical industry in the safe-handling of hazardous substances in addition to greener production and search for alternatives. GreenFish Consulting have many years’ experience providing domestic EPC’s to a number of clients including estate agents, solicitors, landlords, facilities managers, and general members of the public. Grid infrastructure, operations & development This event gathers opinion leaders and specialists from the private and public sectors, as well as the academic world, to share and exchange theirs views on the various sustainability issues. We aim to support the rapid development and implementation of renewable energy projects, in wind, solar, and thermal energy. This commitment type gives access to expertise, overseen by the content definition of the client’s team project, project duration, and project management. We help our clients reducing their impact on the planet by providing flexible solutions in Energy Transition, QHSE Management and Operational Performance. This white paper is the fourth and last part of a tetralogy that delves into the potential deletion of short-distance flights, for which important possible benefits have been claimed. We start to move from recruitment towards consultancy and change our name to Greenfish Consulting. GreenFish Consulting is a built environment and compliance consultancy, part of JCML Consultancy Ltd. We work with a wide range of companies from SME companies to global brand names, local authorities, members of the public, professional organisations and fellow consultants. Measures and assessments, Production efficiency By clicking on “Sign up”, you consent to the processing by Greenfish of the personal data you provided through this form. GreenFish Consulting are part of JCML Consultancy Ltd. Email: enquiries@jcmlconsultancy.com To facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable society and economy, Greenfish helps its clients solve their most complex issues by delivering expertise in Energy Efficiency, Quality-Health-Safety-Environment, Industrial Engineering & Optimisation, Sustainable Construction, Project Management, Corporate Strategy, and Supply Chain and Procurement. We propose sustainable solutions using the knowledge acquired through our technical experience and internal research within our Marketing & Communication Intelligence department. It is our mission to achieve a more sustainable world. Maintenance management Cutting-edge technology can provide improvements for society and industry alike. Conscious of these advancements, Greenfish offers clients tailored solutions so that its clients can develop the competitive edge they are looking for. 2010 / LAUNCH If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Greenfish co-operates closely with organizations engaged in environmental policy, advocacy, and lobbying to establish its leadership position in the field of sustainable development.

Given the increasing demand for electricity, we offer our expertise throughout the entire chain of energy conversion: from power generation to the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. GreenFish Consulting is a built environment and compliance consultancy, part of JCML Consultancy Ltd. EPC + Report – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEEs). We assist your organisation in strategy, structure and operations to pursue your long-term projects in CSR, Operational Performance, Energy Transition and QHSE. 2011 / FIRST YEAR 2011 marks the first anniversary of Green Recruitment. All new buildings, domestic and commercial must attain a rating greater than the target rate for their annual carbon dioxide emissions. CSR & ESG Ratings (EcoVadis, …) This commitment type means availability, as of the project launch, of the project definition and delivery date. Kent Storage systems Stamp Duty could be related to energy efficiency! For more information, please send an email to contactgdpr@greenfish.eu.

The COVID-19 crisis spurred…. We focus on your needs by designing a tailor made consulting project for you. As a sustainable company, we strive to improve people’s well-being by collaborating with partners in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry as well as medical device manufacturers. 11/01: Team Meeting in Brussels – Business Unit, 10/02: Team Meeting in Brussels – Business Unit, 12/02: Team Meeting in Antwerp – Business Unit. We partner with other companies to deliver the best and more sustainable solutions to our clients. GreenFish Consulting have a strong history of producing DEC’s, and our accredited Public Building Energy Assessors are perfectly acquainted with the building and energy industries, which provide our clients with a sound and detailed service.

Please find here our Greenfish CSR Policy. Do not hesitate to contact us! The advantages of thermal modelling are many, not only do they provide a much more detailed analysis of a building’s design however can also be used to identify potential problems and advise on cost effective solutions at design stage. It is a powerful way to have an impact on external stakeholders’ lives. TN4 9HT Interactive and engaging sessions will address critical and timely topics as well as best practices within different industries that focus on various sustainability topics in a changing environment. UK Green Building Council Release Recommendations for New Government Manifesto. Being a consultant at Greenfish is more than just a job. It’s a professional lifestyle embedded in an ecosystem of like-minded individuals that are driven by a common goal: Sustainability.Many challenging projects, trainings, team buildings, including personal initiatives come together giving the rhythm of our green community’s life. Renewables The Green Mind University is a dynamic forum for international and multifaceted discussions on pressing sustainability issues. Tunbridge Wells Organisational performance We evaluate your needs and provide expert advices on how to solve your most critical issues.

In April 2010 the UK Government updated Part G of the Building Regulations with new requirements for water efficiency. It is ideal for maximum adaptability and flexibility. Our team includes 8 people and the placements rise to 32 in Belgium. Meet with experts and innovators in the sustainable sector. Tel: 01892 300 450. By clicking on the following link, you will find our flyer with a brief explanation of what the GDPR is and an enumeration of your rights. In regards to the need of reducing urban congestion, accidents and pollution, we support our client in promoting clean, safe, and smart mobility and transport. The purpose of this processing is to send you a newsletter in order to inform you about our activities, and to develop and maintain a professional relationship with you. At GreenFish Consulting our in-house consultants offer fully tailored Legionella Risk Assessments and management services. We believe it is essential to develop strong ties with local associations around us. Only the relevant Departments inside Greenfish will have access to your data. Our Energy Assessment professionals have gone from strength to strength. Ludlow Hotel Fatality After Guest Contracts Legionnaires Disease. Risk Identification Energy efficiency Network with fellow professionals GreenFish Consulting To receive a quotation for any of our services or to discuss your requirements further, please feel free to contact us using the form below or by emailing us direct at enquiries@jcmlconsultancy.com.

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