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Ingrid of Sweden

I had been keeping careful track of my weight for ten years, and I shared my dataset with Seth. In contrast, the effect of static electricity on the nervous system was easy to see. This is highly unlikely. When Learning X is pleasant, it is learned easily; when Learning X is unpleasant, it is learned with difficulty or not at all. For a physicist to build a detector that detects future effects on the present without involving the brain will surely be more expensive and more difficult, just as it was so much easier for Galvani to use frog legs than build a electricity detector not involving the nervous system. 2.
%%EOF I felt protective towards him, and admired him deeply, but always left our interactions with a sense of amazement and consternation as well. I had somehow never heard of Seth. Quite low. I’m not surprised — immune systems are highly variable from person to person. I never met him in person, but he had a profound effect on my thinking. At that point he was not a superstar but I think he was still considered a respected member of the mainstream academic community.

I emailed with Seth for the past couple of years. I was surprised: as I told Seth, being a university professor is such a cushy job, they pay you and you don’t have to do anything. Typical psychology experiments have on the order of 8 subjects. Seth was a catalog of interesting ideas, but I feel he often chose them simply because they were interesting. During a frog dissection, an assistant touched an exposed leg-muscle nerve with a static-electricity-charged scalpel. I hope my citation to the Neuringer paper wasn’t taken as a claim that Seth’s work was derivative. In any data analysis of unfamiliar data, you must choose — how to transform the data, what test to use, and so on. But that doesn’t mean it is better to study. I have a different take than anything I’ve read: I think there are several good reasons to take it seriously. of the Internal Revenue Code that's

2, pp. The methodological lesson is that the nervous system is (a) unusually sensitive to the environment and (b) easy to “read”.

You can spit again and again into a cup, sure, but you can’t spit pure coffee into a cup. I still find myself thinking “I should send this to Seth” when I come across an interesting item. Many people first heard about them in Malcolm Gladwell’s  Blink. Advances in understanding the human brain go “straight to the bottom line” — namely, human welfare and happiness — in a way that is true for few other sciences. I should send him a link.”. 0000001921 00000 n Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, vol. Basically I agree with him on this issue more than I disagree.

I used to work for a pharmaceutical company, and I was dismayed by the underhanded marketing tactics used in the industry. Quite a misunderstanding by an APA president and Penn professor. To give an example: Seth was scornful of the conduct of mainstream medicine, especially as relates to behavior (as opposed to, say, drug efficacy, where he didn’t strongly object to standard double-blind trials as far as I know). I have learned a great deal about my son and made significant improvements as a result. Seth Roberts is a 52-year-old psychology professor at the University of California at Berkeley. 976-980. Reply to Rodgers & Rowe (2002). Drinking kombucha daily has essentially cured her issues (although the symptoms return if she stops drinking the tea). Self-experimentation. This is the other side of procrastination.

(He put his own happiness in “the bottom 50%”.) ), Handbook of research methods in human operant behavior (pp. Good grief. The proponents have not been able to explain why these anomalies exist, but (for better or worse) think there is enough other evidence backing their theory to chalk them up to “something unknown”. 0000000689 00000 n Roberts S (1987). 664-665. later version. And there are reasons to believe the research that Bem didn’t mention: First, the history of electricity. I looked at a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Was Seth wrong to believe what he read in Nature? I was driving myself crazy reading reams of research to decide what was worth trying. . It is now standard to look at H. Pylori as a common part of our stomach system, and its overgrowth as the problem. I’m conflicted about whether to say some negative things too, and not just because one “shouldn’t speak ill of the dead” — I’d be hesitant if he were alive, too! 37, pp. McCloskey’s Back-and-Forth with Seth Roberts on the Bailey Controversy. Seth Douglass Roberts (1953–2014) was an American psychologist and “autogynephilia” activist. You can’t unmix the coffee from the rest of the liquid in your mouth. On his blog and elsewhere Seth reported success with various self-experiments, most recently a claim of improved brain function after eating half a stick of butter a day. My only personal interaction with Seth was at JSM a few years ago. Phil:

0000041232 00000 n Bem’s experiments cost essentially nothing. Maybe the echinacea did in fact help, or maybe that cold was going to go away more quickly anyway; some people were unlucky to have long-lasting colds in the past, or were lucky to happy to get some short ones that coincide with taking echinacea: immune systems aren’t just highly variable between people, and between viruses.

Plot your data. I don’t mind the grant. Andrew would you like to be part of his scientific memorial? Although Seth sometimes appeared to be a person carrying on his own completely idiosyncratic agenda, I saw him as advocating for the importance of a neglected and almost unnoticed branch of science. I’m not sure what happened to my list of Josh sentences—I never actually put them into an act—but here a few: There are a bunch more that I just can’t remember. Countries, such as England, have started to measure well-being in big frequent surveys (e.g., 2000 people every month) and some politicians, such as David Cameron, have vowed to increase well-being as measured by these surveys. You ruined my chances with her, etc. no salaries or offices. I also wonder if Seth’s blog audience was a problem: if you have people cheering on your every move, it can be that much easier to fool yourself. 165-178. Attention and Performance XIV: Synergies in Experimental Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Neuroscience. If this research is correct, I told my students, you can study for a test not only before but also after you take it. A Chinese teacher in Los Angeles named Yang Yang, whom you can see in this video, wrote this on her website: I believe that we all have our own niche – something so unique and innate to us that we enjoy every second of it and can naturally do better than others. His strong claims — ones where we have strong anecdotal confirmation — need rigorous science. Seth’s academic career was unusual.

Roberts S (2001). 1. 101, pp. Nutrition, vol. He surely seemed to be an amazing person. The story of how electricity began to be understood suggests that if the future does affect the present, there will be a period when the best way to study this is by studying behavior. Thank you. Because the stated reasons for not doing self-experimentation are so easy to rebut, the actual reasons may have more to do with human nature. The standard arguments for the avoidance don’t withstand scrutiny.

The second film run backwards looks exactly like the first film run forward! I doubt he was questioning strangers in restaurants yet, but he had no sense of the ins and outs of social interaction.

The answer to the criticism that your data-analysis choices made your favored result more likely is to do a data analysis with no choices at all.

McCloskey and me: A back-and-forth. So, even with your suggested study, and even if some people are helped by echinacea, there will still be some people in the study who aren’t actually helped with it.

Sethpointed out a weakness in a critical argument from obser v ation to inferred process; it indicated a more penetrating understanding of that argument than was shown byany other of a set of sophisticated and far more exper ienced readers. His research was mostly in the areas of Cognition, Brain, and Behavior: Depression, mood, sleep, human circadian rhythms, weight control, and animal learning. That’s hardly surprising. We really want to participate and help. The alchemists pursued fruitless research a long time but I am unaware they reported small successes. I was surprised: as I told Seth, being a university professor is such a cushy job, they pay you and you don’t have to do anything.

. In this way the force of gravity causes time to go backwards. You can help with a tax-deductible Until you’ve gone five years without three consecutive nights’ sleep, you can’t imagine what a gift that was. An obvious criticism is that Bem slanted the data analysis to favor the results he wanted. It took Seth close to 10 years of sustained experimentation to fix his sleep problems, but in recent years it seemed that all sorts of different things he tried were effective. There was an experiment with the U.S. Army I couldn’t understand. But human experimental psychologists don’t do self-experimentation! You need to do the experiment once, make all the necessary choices, and then do the same experiment again (same everything as much as possible) and analyze the data exactly the way you analyzed the data from the first experiment. But the complexity of the brain is not only a difficulty but also an advantage: It means there is the most to be learned. After I’d been reading Seth’s blog for a while it dawned on me that I could do my own experiments.

5. 358-367. Behavioral Neuroscience, vol. He seemed lonely and yet able to make his way. This is what most people want to know, I’m sure. Of course, I am well aware that the absence of global warming is evidence that it really exists, at least that’s what the global-warming-non-denialists tell me; but I’m not smart enough to understand their reasons. including number of units per nodule, ratio of training frequen- cies, learning rate, maximum resporx time, initial input weights, indirect pathway strengths, cascad~. Seth was part of the life of this blog, at least to me, who has been following it since 2005/06.

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