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Just be firm and say “I do not wish to answer that.” And do not give them any reason at all, because they will record your reason. If this is true, some people (the census workers) must have REALLY boring lives. RightsRadio.com is the Media Site for.

Census employees who disclose people's private info can face five years in prison or $250,000 in fines, or both. Because of that it is important that he is able to confirm the information that you gave when you filled out your census. I drove away. Be aware that census workers do not receive a great deal of training but they are trained in what is called Refusal Aversion Training which is designed to teach the census worker how to engage the interviewee in conversation to increase the likelihood of cooperation. The person probably was a census worker. - Jerane McKinstry, Corpus Christi, Texas.

That's all I will give. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Are you sure this person is a census worker? The Census Bureau told us that 97 percent of people fill out the survey. I’m sick of it, and I know if I get harassed much more, I’m going to the authorities for being stalked. American Community Survey: The harassment is ridiculous.

I printed a copy of How to Legally Refuse to Participate in the Census Survey and am sending it back with the letter they sent me. I’m sorry what’s happened to you, glad that you’re out of that relationship and only wish safety and healing for you and your child now. “i want to personally thank you for this article. The American Community Survey (ACS) [of targeted addresses], once upon a time, WAS voluntary. Usually threats of this nature are calling the cops over trespassing, but he went a step further into uselessness. When they came to bother me. I got my supervisor on speaker phone, read out my badge number, asked him to describe me, and pointed out our legal obligations for privacy on the notice of confidentiality. A judge can't order something that conflicts with a constitutional mandate. I gave them the command to stop and let her know under no circumstances was she to set foot on my property and that I already gave her the only information I was going to. Log in, Phone: 786.693.4223 | Site by Dr. Joyce Starr I’ve numerous letters and the huge packet everyone was talking about a few years ago. Well, not a cop one ever showed. It absolutely true I had Henry post this only because I can’t believe I’ve been “chosen” for this harassment. “… the damn government was in my driveway!!!”. I have answered the questions but i refuse to give out my name or my childs name due to the terms of the protection order.

. CDC Admits “At No Time Has CDC Guidance Suggested that Masks Were Intended to Protect the Wearers”, Biden won’t rule out MANDATORY Covid-19 vaccination, but admits that enforcement would be nearly impossible, Dr. Fauci: “My Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year”, Trump says he will NOT force Americans to take coronavirus vaccine as polls show widespread skepticism about jab, Dear Leader Bill Gates has some bad news…, Pence courts Cuban-American and Orthodox Jewish voters in Miami-Dade, the UK these monsters are vaccinating your kids at school without the parents consent, The Word From the Trenches – October 16, 2020, TWITTER SHUTS DOWN After Tucker Carlson Announces He Will Release NEW HUNTER BIDEN EMAILS on His Show Tonight, Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot a false flag operation hatched by FBI.

http://www.hulu.com/watch/4165/saturday-night-live-census-taker, Avocado fruit salad boats with creamy pineapple dressing, Homemade Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Recipe. He hurridely left. Census Headquarters, Regional Office, and National Processing Center (NPC) employees who believe they have been subjected harassment (including sexual harassment) may contact a specialist in the Employee Relations Branch at 301-763-3701, the Employee Assistance Program Manager at 301-763-1681, or the EEO Office at Headquarters, 301- 763-2853 or 800-872-6096. No one is going to see you census data. How do i stop this damn harassment? These people are out of their minds! The data that is collected is then configured into statistical data for the sole purpose of helping the Federal and Local governments have a better idea of the population make up of their cities, counties and States. My suggestion to you is that you go to 2020census.gov, fill out the number of people in your household as of April 1 this year, and then literally any other information you choose to give is great, but if you choose not to it is FINE. they do it in the name of obama. The database of every residential address in the US that the census uses has plenty of duplicates and there could also have been user/technological errors. It doesn't even stay on our devices after we close the case. Well, she went on saying I had to refill the forms that she hand in her hand. Also, it's not trespassing when a census worker comes to your home and knocks on your door. The census workers are mostly civic-minded, well-meaning sheeple who truly do not understand how they are being used.

You need no more from us and so we must please ask that you stop harassing us, stop surveilling us, stop trespassing on our private property, and stop contacting us in any way. It was begun in 2005 when it was decided that more up-to-date info was needed. Hi NC, This can go to public services such as childcare, schools, law enforcement and emergency services, and other government funded programs such as domestic abuse organizations that receive governmental funding etc. I found out why. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events.

There are now two types of Census efforts in the United States. You could just go online and fill it out. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. , two?”. Just tell him number of people living there April 1st. Wow. The Census Bureau does appreciate it if you can still give the full interview because the other information does help make important decisions on how to use federal money, so it would be really nice if you can answer all of the questions except names and maybe phone number. I'd come back and knock even louder the next time.

Done. Got told this today (never been to the place before, but it had 8 previous attempts). Of course this was many yrs. Your name(I would suggest Jenny), phone number: 844 867 5309. I only give them a number. Census directions online specifically address domestic violence issues and state you can use a nickname if you don't feel safe giving your name. By frightened, I mean I am feeling harassed, bullied, and stalked - it is downright creepy. At that point, she took a step closer and I’ll be darned if my two dogs didn’t step in and let her know she had gone too far! I couldn’t believe the questions they were asking and after the where do you work, etc.. it went into the fireplace. It is ABSOLUTELY FINE not to tell us real names or birth dates. Well, technically it’s their driveway, but that’s beside the point. As for why they would come back if you already did the full survey without names, I don't know. That is FINE TO DO. Next Post: Daughter trying to convince mom to not get reverse mortgage, http://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs/about/survey-is-mandatory.html, http://patriotnetwork.info/APS_7-PubServQuest.htm, Playstation Says it Will Enable Voice Chats to be Recorded So Players Can be Snitched on for Mean Words, 20-Month-Old Ella Mae sings ‘An American Trilogy’ [by Elvis Presley], Port Of Los Angeles Struggles With Surge Of Unscheduled Ships, Bill Gates Says Since We’re Told to Wear Clothes, It’s Not An “Ultra-Important Freedom Thing” That We’re Told to Cover Faces, WTH? Click Here to Purchase. I even offered to come back in a couple days (we are not really supposed to ASK people if they want to refuse us, no we are not) and see if they had a chance to complete if they wanted to do it online. They listed themselves with their legal names, and listed their children as Child One, Child Two, and Child Three. Have you actually opened the door and talked to him? Conference Line: 220029#, Patriot Broadcast From the Trenches Archives, Or you can mail donations to Henry Shivley at P.O. They, too, had a TRO against the other parent and when I showed up asking questions they were FREAKED. Your email address will not be published. Agreed with everyone else. . As others have said, at this point the Census is most interested in knowing how many people occupied a residence on 4/1. It’s his job to write down anything you say, it’s against the rules to question anything you say. It's helpful to know how many are children but you can be adult and have child 1, child. He argued with people in the house over answering the Census (they said to just do it because it's beneficial), told me he was sick of people coming here, refused to say how many people lived there when I said that's all I needed to stop coming ("it don't matter"), then made this empty threat. I am annoyed, frustrated and quite frankly frightened. Glad you're out of that relationship but the census isn't a danger to you or anyone in your home. I have explained the problem and why i cannot and will not give out names of my household. Did he at all wonder why they keep coming!
She started to say something else and then I told her anything else was public record and to go look it up.

They actually sent a Census worker to the house and because I refused to answer all but one question, they sent a letter HAND DELIVERED by UPS stating that the same person would be coming back to get the info. Two days ago I needed paperclips so I loaded up the American Bulldog and Boxer and off we went. If he can't get through to you he will start going to your neighbors about it. I thought it looked familiar so I looked down at the plates and noticed they were the plates of the dreaded census worker! Just do it. Dear Jerane: First off, we wanted to make sure you weren't being scammed by someone posing as the Census Bureau, because that has happened to other consumers. Well, one day, here comes a lady, knock, knock, knock. Do not call or come here again.” You may still get called by a supervisor, but if you answer that call, tell them “don’t call again.” And then block the number and/or identify it so you do not answer again. If it is the Cencus Bureau, you could also contact your Congressional representative to get in touch with the right person - sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. If it is a re-interview all he is going to ask you is for the number of people living there and the names that you gave when you did your original interview. “I just am not going to.” or “the reason is unknown.” That’s all. Christianity Today, Baudelaire & Trump Rally Supporters – Cheering for Hatred & Slander, Condo Owners vs. Condo Renters: When Renters Rule the Roost, How Dyson Turns Steamy Summers into a Cool Breeze, Supreme Court – Gamble vs.

Any thoughts? Senator's mispronunciation of Kamala Harris' name called 'incredibly racist', Vaccine timeline amid new safety concerns, Melania Trump strikes back at former friend who secretly recorded conversations, Company faces investigation for allegedly exaggerating role in Operation Warp Speed. Letters are edited for length and clarity. Other information can be refused, but I would encourage you to at least give your name, or a nick name, for yourself and the other occupants as per the Census data collection app Enumerators use, too many “I don’t knows” or “refusals” will not always complete the Census case for the house, which will lead to more Enumerators being sent to your door.

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