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[47], According to a 2005 review, due to the high levels of mortality and morbidity caused by malaria—especially the P. falciparum species—it has placed the greatest selective pressure on the human genome in recent history. [170][171][172] As of 2010, about 100 countries have endemic malaria. Die Malariatherapie war vor der Antibiotika-Ära die einzige wirksame Therapie bei Progressiver Paralyse, einem Spätstadium der Syphilis.

[234], Malaria has been successfully eliminated or significantly reduced in certain areas. Die Leberschizonten produzieren jeweils tausende von Merozoiten, die freigesetzt werden und Erythrozyten befallen, wo eine weitere ungeschlechtliche Vermehrung stattfindet.

[215], Sophisticated counterfeits have been found in several Asian countries such as Cambodia,[216] China,[217] Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, and are an important cause of avoidable death in those countries. [95] The use of preventive drugs is often not practical for those who live in areas where malaria exists, and their use is usually given only to pregnant women and short-term visitors. [6] The recommended treatment for malaria is a combination of antimalarial medications that includes artemisinin.

Individuals who are homozygous (with two copies of the abnormal haemoglobin beta allele) have sickle-cell anaemia, while those who are heterozygous (with one abnormal allele and one normal allele) experience resistance to malaria without severe anaemia.

[24] P. vivax proportionally is more common outside Africa. [4] Reports in 2016 and 2017 from countries where malaria is common suggest high levels of over diagnosis due to insufficient or inaccurate laboratory testing. [201][202], Quinine was the predominant malarial medication until the 1920s when other medications began to appear. Plasmodium malariae kommt in tropischen und subtropischen Gebieten vor und ist in Afrika südlich der Sahara weit verbreitet, aber auch in Südostasien und auf Inseln im westlichen Pazifik sowie im Amazonasbecken anzutreffen. [179], Although the parasite responsible for P. falciparum malaria has been in existence for 50,000–100,000 years, the population size of the parasite did not increase until about 10,000 years ago, concurrently with advances in agriculture[180] and the development of human settlements. [30], Symptoms of malaria can recur after varying symptom-free periods. [73] The most effective treatment for P. falciparum infection is the use of ACT, which decreases resistance to any single drug component. [200] It was not until 1820 that the active ingredient, quinine, was extracted from the bark, isolated and named by the French chemists Pierre Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaimé Caventou. [1] Several medications are available to prevent malaria in travellers to areas where the disease is common. 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Die wesentlichen Gegenanzeigen sind Herz- und Kreislaufkrankheiten wegen der körperlichen Belastung unter Fieber über 40 Grad Celsius sowie Blut- und Milzerkrankungen, insbesondere Anämie, wegen der Zerstörung einer großen Zahl roter Blutkörperchen durch die Plasmodien. 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