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ravin crossbow r20

The bow package includes 3 arrow precision quiver, cocking handle, and illuminated scope. Don't give up on that seemingly untunable bow just yet. View On Amazon. Add to cart Add to cart Details. The safety features are solid, and the new trigger safety lever is a definite upgrade over the original. Rather, it provides a structural connection between the riser and stock while serving as the track for the Trac Trigger Firing System (TTFS). See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The bow gives a unique HeliCoil advantage that creates a perfectly balanced draw. R10 CROSSBOW $ 1,324.99. RAVIN ALUMINUM BROADHEADS $ 54.99. RAVIN SCOPE $ 359.99. The standard R20 comes with six Ravin 400 .003-inch tolerance bolts, six fieldpoints, quiver with mounting bracket, cocking handle and scope. Required fields are marked *. Product Registration; FAQs; Become a Ravin Dealer; Contact Us; Dealer Locator; RAVIN SCOPE. R10/R20 Instruction Manual; R26/R29/R29X Instruction Manual; Press Instruction Manual; Notices; About. It is a high-quality, well-balanced, easy-to-operate product full of innovative technologies. Fields and food plots aren't the best places to kill big bucks. Only a manufacturer's bolt with a specially designed nock is to be used with the Ravin lineup. This R20 is designed with superior performance for hardcore hunters. Does This Bow Have an Uncocking Feature? The Trac Trigger Firing System features a mobile trigger sled that is home to the trigger safety and anti-dry fire mechanisms, as well as a portion of the trigger system. The expensive crossbow comes with top quality features. Add to cart Add to cart Details. A clasp automatically grabs the string at its exact center and emits an audible click to indicate positive engagement when pushed into the string. Its sleek design allows you to cock and un-cock your crossbow. The cable anchor bracket is built into the riser and positioned four inches up the rail. The HeliCoil design impacts all major systems, including the rail, which is non-traditional in that it does not support the bolt. We are not going to review them again. The stock features a textured pistol grip, raised cheek piece, butt plate, improved foregrip with easy handling contour and sizeable safety wings to help shooters keep hands below the flight deck. Yes. Something went wrong. The R29X handles like a dream, hits like a hammer and uses new tech to produce amazing results. This feature allows for cocking and de-cocking using the spool thumb release. The total weight of the crossbow is 7.1 lbs. Its string and cables have more extended durability and provide high accuracy. A scope mount is attached to the rail through a slot in the stock and rubber overmold that covers the raised comb. It has improved features and is a recommended choice for every hunter. The arrow of the crossbow touches the crossbow in two places one is a string, and the other is dual rollers. Powerstroke: 12.5" Kinetic Energy: 164 ft lb. Shop with confidence. Paper makes perfect when it comes to bowhunting. The TTFS is designed to boost downrange accuracy as it produces a perfectly centered and balanced draw. The result is improved efficiency, a more compact bow and tremendous downrange accuracy. In the case of changing the cables or strings, it is recommended to take it to your local Ravin dealer. Your email address will not be published. The crossbow package comes with preloaded accessories. The trigger also features two position safety and anti-dry-fire system. We caught up with the latest and greatest crossbows on the show floor at ATA 2019. Ravin’s most powerful crossbow yet, the Ravin® Crossbows R20 Package offers the best blend of power and accuracy a hunter can get his or her hands on. 5. What makes a Ravin R20 crossbow a delight in hunting is its excellent shooting speed and accuracy. Another plus that springs from the spiral action is the ability to rotate the cams 340 degrees, as there is no overlapping of the cables. It provides unmatched down range accuracy with every shot. Velocity: 430 FPS. Ravin R20 Crossbow Review: First Impressions. R20 is undoubtedly one of the fastest crossbows in the market. Follow these 4 steps to early-season success. In this Ravin R20 Crossbow Review, we covered up features, pros & cons, power, built quality, accuracy, and included accessories. Add to cart Add to cart Details. Home / Scopes / RAVIN SCOPE. It reduces the friction for accuracy and increases string and cable. Best Crossbow Guide (bestcrossbowguide.com) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Its bolts don’t traverse the rail when you fire as there is Frictionless-Flight System. Best Crossbow Guide is an ultimate resource for Crossbow lovers and Archery Enthusiasts that not only matches your requirements but also provides you with the best choice within your budget. One suggestion I was going to make was to have an on-board mount for the cocking crank handle, but Ravin already did that on the quiver! In case you nock your arrow on the Crossbow, knock it with odd colored fletching pointing straight down. At the same time, the trigger and anti-dry fire features are engaged. A reader, traveler, enthusiast, and learner of new languages. Hunters for big games hunting season highly recommend it. RAVIN STEEL BROADHEADS $ 64.99. 4. CenterPoint Archery evolves in design and performance with the introduction of the new CP400 Crossbow. Kevin Steele and the boys are bowhunting turkeys with the help of some well-placed decoys. R20 sniper package upgrade/ addition includes an adjustable jack plate, vortex single scope, tolerance bolts, and riser level. The design retracts the strings uniformly and provides straight-line nock travel. So, handling it from cramped places such as small blind and tree stand. Coiled and Ready . The system cannot be overdrawn, as a built-in clutch slips and lets the shooter know the draw is complete. HeliCoil technique has an impressive speed of up to 430 FPS. The life of strings also depends on its maintenance, number of shots, and weather conditions during usage. Additionally, the firepower of this crossbow packs a big punch - an awesome factor that you can rely on out in the wild. Add to cart Add to cart Details. Ravin's shooting platform is something special, and the company is working hard to further enhance its products and push the limits of design. Find great deals on eBay for ravin crossbow r20. It is a revolutionary design that works in conjunction with the Trac-Trigger Firing. All Rights Reserved. Its quality and performance are of top-level and hard to match. It comes with a new safety mechanism for better usage. The upgraded R20 Sniper package includes the following upgrades/additions: adjustable Jack Plate, Vortex Strike Eagle scope, .001-inch tolerance bolts and riser level. Velocity: 430 FPS; Power-Stroke: 13″ Kinetic Energy: 164; Draw Force: 12 LBS; Axle-to-Axle Width 6″ When Cocked; 10.5″ When Uncocked; Overall Length: 34.5″ Overall Weight: 7.1 LBS; Weight: 7.1 lbs: Finish or Pattern: Predator Camo. Ravin builds the integrated stock/forearm through an injection-molding process using a carbon-fiber polymer material. Its HeliCoil technology offers ultimate power, speed, and efficiency. This R20 helps to reduce noise and vibration. If you haven’t checked it out already make sure to do so. The HeliCoil name comes from two helical grooves on each cam that coil the cables away from the top and bottom of the cams to keep them level and balanced — zero canting. It has a built-in cocking mechanism for downrange precision. When engaged through the draw system, this sled detaches from its docking station at the rear of the rail and slides along a track in the rail until it meets the string.

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